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Connect English is a language school established in the Shibuya and Ebisu area in May 2000.

We prioritise quality over quantity and our experienced, professional teachers hand-craft curriculums for all kinds of English needs and ages from kids to adults, from pre-school to business and English certification exam needs.

Experienced professional English teachers will carefully guide you.

コネクトイングリッシュは、2000年5月に渋谷・恵比寿でアットホームなEnglish school を開校し、kids英語からbusiness英語まで、多くの生徒さんに通って頂いている英会話教室です。


CoVid prevention

As Covid infection rates are on the rise again, we're keeping an eye on WHO updates

Our lessons incorporate several preventative measures to minimise transmission risks:



Autumn is upon us and as the weather cools, it's the perfect time to start thinking about carving your turnips and improving your English - contact us any time to arrange a trial lesson.

While we prefer a more personal approach we have been set up for online lessons since March 2020.